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White Sketch

White Sketch

white is non-being that longs for being; on occasion it creates a stronger sense of being than being itself.
—Hara Kenya, 2008. White. Tokyo: Chuokoron-Shinsha Inc. 

Filling, by correction pen, is to present not only the color itself but also the ideology. 

I pick up the correction pen, trying to erase all the mistakes on the paper and pretend nothing happened, but I am not aware it’s a blank page. What am I trying to erase? Is there anything on the paper? At the moment, the only thing I know is that I am just holding the correction pen trying to erase something... 

Footnote: Examinations are the most important part of entering University for Taiwan students; consequently, students in Taiwan have endless assignments and papers to do. Correction pens have become essential equipment. 


「 為了意識存在 , 白的『不存在』有時反而比『存在』具有更強烈的存在感。」—原研哉《白》 作品以立可白進行填補行為,其呈現的白不僅是顏色,也是一種意識型態。 

我想也沒想的拿起立可白塗塗塗 ... 企圖把所有的錯誤塗掉 , 好讓一切當作沒發生 過 , 卻沒發現我正畫在一張全白的紙上 , 我急著想要修正掉的一切到底是什麼 ? 它 有東西嗎 ? 我開始了嗎 ? 此時我只知道我正拿著立可白在塗著 ... 

補充:在台灣考試作為升學的主要依據,學生每天都有寫不完的考試卷,所以立可白 的使用對台灣學生非常重要,是日常生活中必備的文具。