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None Paintings

None Paintings

Acrylic is mostly used for painting. I try to put aside the general impression and definition of painting, asking instead what defines or identifies painting and sculpture. I attempt to discover new possibilities in painting by experiments and breaking generally acknowledged bounding lines of daily practice. 

Any single elements in the art-piece can be considered as individual as well as part of the whole. Various art techniques can be applied to the art-piece; the key here is molding and adhering different materials such as glass, tissue, plastic and similar, commonplace and often ignored in daily-life. Using acrylic the distinctive features of the material are expressed or brought into focus. The existence and essential identity of the material to observers is what I would like to express through my art-piece.

非 - 繪畫

一般思維下, 壓克力顏料多應用於平面繪畫。我試著抛開過去對平面繪畫的認識與 定義 , 嘗試討論何謂繪畫 ? 何謂雕塑 ? 並從日常生活出發 , 企圖打破既定事物的認知 , 過程中不斷省思與實驗 , 企圖尋找新的可能性。 

作品中 , 各元件自身即是完整個體 , 可獨立成為單獨作品存在。它們(作品們)以各 種不同的技法被創作出來 , 其中主要是以類翻模的方式 , 使壓克力附於日常中各種 不同的物質表面 , 如 : 玻璃窗、衛生紙、塑膠籃等材質 , 試圖呈現其質感特性。 

面對這些我們每天都會接觸的物質 , 我們是否意識到它們的存在 ? 它們是必要與被 依賴的存在 , 然而存在感卻是如此地微弱 , 如同不存在一般。