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Space Sketch

Space Sketch

Mechanical pencil refill --- fragile, slender and dependent. It is the most useful equipment for writing, but it must rely on the mechanical pencil to function. I use only mechanical pencil refills to draw, trying to destroy the connection between pencil and refill, in order to find a new definition and value of things. 

Footnote: Shadow is part of the art-piece.


筆芯 - 脆弱 , 纖細 , 無自主性。它是書寫中最實質的存在 , 卻必須依附於「自動鉛筆」的外殼中 , 使用上兩者彷彿互利共生 , 需依賴彼此才得以發揮材料的功能。 我使用純粹的筆芯去繪畫 , 試圖消彌它 ( 筆芯 ) 與自動筆這樣僵化的關係 , 並呈現 二維、三維空間在觀看上的錯視 , 從中為材料找到新的肯定與價値 ...