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My name is CHEN Nien-Ting

My name is CHEN Nien-Ting






QR code presenting different features of CHEN Nien-Ting. In this century of fast-developing technology, we use QR code to access information. QR code can only be read by using the barcode scanner. The QR code can help audiences to interpret directly.


以巨型的符碼 (QR Code) 表現陳念庭不同面向的特質。在快速發展的當代科技中 , 人 們大量依賴它獲取資訊 , 其中關乎消費實力的排他性。QR Code 的掃讀需靠機械眼 運算開啓 , 現場觀者可由符碼上的物件產生視覺想像、連結並解讀。



A Facebook account with same name and details appears to be the same person, but actually it is not. Does describing daily issues in this fictitious platform mean an actually happening in real life? What is the difference between real-life and Facebook? Has the interaction between friends started to become imbalanced? 


以多組具同姓名與背景資料的 FaceBook 帳號,表現實際生活中的同一人 , 但内部 經營模式猶如不相干之個體。在虛擬平台中建立一套看似合理、具真實感的日常敘 事 , 這是否屬於真實的生活樣貌 ? Facebook 與實際生活之間的差異又是什麼? 「好友」間的互動是否因此失衡 ? 



I have published two Facebook accounts with passwords. The virtual platform inside the privacy window opens into a public activity interface, providing messages and exchange of information. 

The image of the constant in the account is being (re)constructed and (re-) deconstructed, and finally reconstructed again. There are so many questions not being raised about in this kind of interaction. 


開放兩組 FaceBook 帳號與密碼 , 將虛擬平台内部的私密窗口打開 , 轉為公共的活 動接口 , 提供釋放與交流訊息。帳號中的人與形象不斷地從被 ( 再 ) 建構與 ( 再 ) 解 構中再次重構 , 而在這互動過程中未曾有人正面提出質疑 ...